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Interface Designs & Development

Here I introduced some of the design work (UX & UI) that I have done over the past few years.

Past Interface Designs & Development

Some of my past works in web development and user interface designs

The Future Airport Experience: BIA

Let’s take a step back and reimagine our airport experience. Being one of the top transit airport to the Middle East, Bahrain International Airport (BIA) wants to deliver a seamless, smart customer experience from the very first touchpoint, to the end. In this design process, the challenge is it design a seamless jounrye that goes beyond pure mobile engagement but provides an integrated experience with smart airport infrastructure. 

My role: Lead UX Design, Design Strategy (Overall concept)

Link to Invision Prototype


We need to first understand who our users are, what do they like, what do they look for and with these information, the rest follows a personalized airport transit experience that is tailored just for the user. 

Right before my flight and after I land

Prebook your cabin bag deposit or discover immersive guides to discover more about Bahrain even if you are just at the airport. To prevent mental overload, each CTA is called based on user behaviour and geolocation.

Anticipating your needs before you know it

Putting information at the right place and time before the users realized their needs.

Engaging Smartly: AIA Insurance

As a pitch, we reevaluated and innovate how financial advisors engage with their clients. By marrying KPMG’s Unify system (an integrated ecosystem of digital wallet loyalty merchants) with a smarter way for financial advisors to manage and arrange meet up places with their clients, this concept help financial advisors saves time, money and stay engaged. 

My Role: Concept Testing, UX Design

Republic of Singapore Yacht Club

My Role: UX/UI Design

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