Here is my story...

I’m a Master’s student specializing in Human-Centered Design & Engineering from the college of engineering at University of Washington in Seattle.

Before graduate school, I was a Senior Associate, Digital+Innovation design consultant for Fortune 500 companies at KPMG Digital Village in Singapore. With a thriving team, challenging projects and amazing mentors at KPMG, I enjoyed and relished every single moment working at KPMG.

Now back in graduate school, I discovered a new research interest in Accessibility & Assistive Technologies. At the same time, I’m unrelentingly learning and building onto my knowledge in product design and development as much as I can before heading back to work.

Managing 2 start-ups during college

Since young, I modelled after my entrepreneurial parents who taught me to think critically and bring value to the marketplace. At 17, I co-founded my first startup, Herald Homestay, which became the leading accommodation provider for international students in Singapore. Starting as blank sheet of paper, I learned core business acumen skills and I wanted to do more, especially in technology space. I sold the business and delved into the tech space. 

In 2015, I founded the startup Nomster Technologies, a gamified healthy food discovery mobile app. It was not easy, but the journey was beyond rewarding – it was one of my defining moments. Along the way, I fell in love with user experience and innovating through evidence-based design. Nomster gave me an invaluable springboard to build my skills in product management and UX. However, I felt that to have more proficiency and exposure, I wanted to have a mentor, learn from highly-skilled product teams and designers, and be exposed to a range of real-world, complex applications. That was when I joined KPMG Digital Village in innovation and digital consulting. 

Ideation with SIA Krispay & KPMG

Research, design & engineer better experiences at UW

At the moment, I’m based in Seattle pursuing my Master’s degree in Human-centered Design & Engineering at UW and at the same time, researching and developing elegant solutions for accessibility.


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I’m always excited to discuss and learn more about various design & research opportunities to create a more meaningful, inclusive experience for everyone. 

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